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The Grand Palace – Thailand Part V

November 20, 2013

On the next day, I was on my own again, but thanks to the day with my friend, I felt much more confident than in the beginning. I knew I would just shake off all attempts to get me in a tuk tuk and go where I wanted. And this time, I knew where I wanted to go: The Grand Palace.


It was only a short walk away from my hotel but it involved crossing a big crossing without (useful) traffic lights, which was a challenge on its own at first. Once you get used to the fact that you have to be a little bold and just go when there’s a chance it’s fine. Of course I was approached by tuk tuk drivers, who even spoke German, again but this time I didn’t listen to their talks. I just walked on to the palace.

There, it was crazily full with tourists and unofficial guides who tried to sell their service. However, it became a little bit quieter inside the palace. I took my time to look at everything very closely and got lost in the story painted on the inner side of the palace walls.


P1060328  P1060343


The palace grounds also include a fashion museum showing the dresses worn by Queen Sirikit and an exhibition of regalia and it took me four hours to see everything.

Later, I went to the Siam Museum, which was very interesting, too. Since I went there after 4 pm admission was free! But even if you had to pay for it it’s certainly worth a visit. I learned much about the culture and history of Thailand. After this visit I didn’t feel that unfamiliar with everything anymore.

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