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Shopping, Sightseeing, Sukiyaki – Thailand Part IV

November 18, 2013

Half a year has passed since I went to Bangkok and now I’m here again, this time for a conference. So many things happened in between and I was too busy to blog, but now I unexpectedly got some spare time and I take this as an opportunity to finally continue writing about my holiday trip to Thailand.

So, I think so far I only blogged about the first day and I’ll speed up a little from now on. The first day was the most exciting (and stressful) day anyways.

On the second day, I was happy to meet my Thai friend who took me by the hand and showed me around. I hadn’t met her for 4,5 years, but she hadn’t changed a bit since we said goodbye in Osaka. Because I knew her from Japan, we talked in Japanese the whole time, sometimes causing confused looks in some Thai people and a Japanese man who sat next to us in a restaurant, too.

First, we went to the weekend market for some shopping. It’s a huge market selling everything from clothes, accessories, souvenirs and much more. It’s so large, I probably only saw a fraction of the stalls. But there were many interesting and beautiful things to buy and the best about it: they were also quite cheap. Sometimes in the negative sense of cheap, but if you check your goods thoroughly for holes and other mistakes before buying, you can get some really nice things there.


In between shopping we had some refreshing smoothies and then went on to Jim Thompson’s House. It’s a complex of wooden houses built by the American architect and silk trader Jim Thompson.


In the evening, we ate sukiyaki. Despite originally being a Japanese dish, the Thai version of sukiyaki is hardly comparable to the Japanese, which consists of thin slices of beef, vegetables and tofu that are cooked in sugar and soy sauce. Instead, Thai sukiyaki was cooked in a light clear broth and included a greater variety of ingredients that were then dipped into some sauce like Japanese nabe or shabu shabu. Anyways, it was delicious 🙂 We also had emerald noodles and duck.


Afterwards, we walked a little more through the streets checking out the street stalls and had mango desserts. No need to mention they were super delicious too 🙂

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