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To move and to be moved – Part III

July 7, 2012

Would you’ve thought that there will be a third part to this story? Me neither, but here it is! I moved again. The third time in less than 1.5 years and I hope this time I’m gonna stay a little bit longer. Preferably, until I finish studying at Handai, but I’m confident about that because I found a place that fits perfect to my wishes. In fact, it fits almost too perfect so I really really hope there won’t be any surprises later (I got a little bit doubtfully as you might understand if you’ve read part I and part II of this tiny series).

So why did I move again? Well, after all that happened last February I checked for free apartments occasionally without really considering to move. It was just a little playing “What if…”

Then my boyfriend decided to go to Germany in October to study German and I started to think more seriously about moving. “If he goes to Germany for a while, I could look for a smaller and cheaper apartment. Maybe something nearer to university. And with more sunlight for my desk.” The last point was crucial for me because my desk was placed at the darkest part of the apartment so I had to turn on the lights even during the day to work there. But that was against my electricity saving principles, so I ended up working on the sofa all the time which lead to back pain……………….

Anyways, I started to check for free apartments more frequently, thinking that if there was a nice one I could move, but if not that would be fine, too. I didn’t have to move immediately, so I could wait for the right chance.

There were a few apartments which weren’t too bad and I went to see a couple of them but in the end, I decided against moving. Since those were all single apartments I wouldn’t have been able to move before October and I didn’t want to make a contract for an apartment which didn’t fit 100% too early. In most cases making a contract that early wasn’t possible anyways.

Then I found the apartment I finally moved into. A rather old building from the 70s, but very clean and nice. There were lots of pictures which looked like the apartment would be very bright, too. Actually, it was even bigger, but cheaper than my old apartment, so I showed it to my boyfriend who liked it as well. If we would be able to move together we could move before he leaves for Germany, so I called the agent for this apartment.

The apartment was still available and I made an appointment to see it on the same day. After my call to the agent my boyfriend asked me whether it was allowed to move in together and I said that there was nothing written about this but since it was such a big apartment, I was sure that it was possible. But he insisted on asking about it before we would see the apartment. After all that happened last year, he was right, so I called the agent again. And got a shocking answer: The landlords don’t allow two persons to move in because it’s an old building and the neighbours would be disturbed.

I was really disappointed to hear that. I thought about it for a while and then called the agent a third time. If we couldn’t move in together, I could still try to make a contract for October and move on my own. So I went to see the apartment alone.

The pictures on the website weren’t promising too much. My first impression was very positive. Old, but well-maintained, bright and spacious. I imagined how my furniture would fit in figured that my desk could get a nice place in front of a window so I would have as much sunlight as possible. I also liked the garden in front of the house and the kitchen that actually deserved to be called a kitchen. There was enough space for a 2-burner gas stove, which is really hard to find in small apartments, and some space to prepare food next to it. Did I mention it was almost next to Handai? I fell in love with this apartment.

Talking to the agent, I told him about my situation and that I could move immediately if it was possible to move together with my boyfriend, so he said he would talk to the landlords. I didn’t expect that they would make a compromise but it wouldn’t hurt to try so I waited for his call.

The call came and the result was positive! The landlords would accept the two of us if it was only until October. I was very excited about these news but wanted to talk to my boyfriend first. After I got his OK, I called the agent again and made another appointment to see the apartment together with my boyfriend. When we got there, I asked about the landlords’ reaction. The agent said he asked the landlords if it would be alright if someone staid over night very often until October, which they didn’t mind. But that was not what we were asking for, because like this we would end up just like in the first apartment and would have nothing to say if the landlords would find out that my boyfriend actually lived together with me instead of just sleeping over. He had to be in the contract.

So the agent said he would talk to the landlords again and make the situation clear. I doubted that they would agree with this but waited for their decision. And the result was positive again! Now there was nothing left that would keep us from moving and after I got a last OK from my boyfriend I called the agent to prepare the contract.

I don’t know how many calls I had to make for this apartment in the end, but I’m really glad everything worked out fine and I am happy to be here.

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