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Oops, it’s been ages…

January 27, 2012

… since I wrote something on my blog. This is due to the fact that I got very busy from November last year and didn’t do much interesting stuff. On the opposite, I had to cut back on social life a lot because I expectantly had to write a quite long research proposal for the extension of my scholarship within a week. I was glad to write this paper though, because it helped me to sort out my thoughts and bring the work of half a year into an order I could work with in the future.

My supervisor at Osaka was very pleased about the paper and formed a small study group together with other students who research about similar topics. Later I could also use this paper for a speech at university and when I sent it to my doctoral supervisor he was also pleased to see how I’m proceeding with my research.

On the other hand, I had to postpone other things I would have liked to do already and now I’m stuck in preparations for the entrance exam in February. I still have a lot to do for that but only a dozen days left…

So I’m looking forward to getting more active again when the exam is done, but I got a feeling that if I pass, my working style will have to change a lot from April and leave me much more busy than now. でも頑張ります!I’ll keep on fighting!

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