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Sake with Wasabi

October 19, 2011

At the beginning of September I went to a fancy beef restaurant in Kyoto called Inayoshi. I got gift coupons worth 10.000 Yen from my company for my birthday which were to spend at Inayoshi or for Japanese classes. Of course I opted for a nice evening with my boyfriend at Inayoshi. Usually, I wouldn’t even think of spending 5.000 Yen per person for a course menu but thanks to the coupons I could get the course menu for free and spent only a little for drinks and to sit outside just next to the Kamo river.

The night was warm and the full moon shining so it was a very good choice to sit outside. I enjoyed it very much. The service was excellent as it usually is in Japan and we were mostly served by a waitress who was at least in her 60s, maybe 70s. She didn’t have the manners you’d expect from such a restaurant. In fact she would be more fitting into an izakaya, but I appreciated her casual and open-hearted manner.

Every course was explained to us as well as how to eat it. The main dish steak for example, came together with onion sauce, a very mild and delicious salt and fresh wasabi so you can enjoy different tastes or combine them. When we ordered some sake the waitress also told us that she likes to drink it with salt or wasabi so we should try these rather unusual ways of drinking sake. Although she had already taken the salt and wasabi she went to get it again for this reason. And it was really not bad!

Fresh wasabi is a delight in itself and combined with the clear taste of sake you can enjoy the wasabi almost purely.

Sake with salt also wasn’t bad at all but I wouldn’t advise you to try it with normal kitchen salt. If you got some nice tasting salt you should give it a try though 😉

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