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I, metabo

July 3, 2011

I saw the results of this semester’s health check at university the other day and was shocked!

Well, the “health check” was no health check in my eyes. The students were pushed through a number of checks, beginning with a urine sample and chest x-ray. Since I don’t like to have futile x-rays I refused it which luckily was no problem, but I had to agree that I couldn’t get a free x-ray later if I needed one… Then the procedure went on with height and weight measurement and blood pressure was taken. After every step I was told that everything’s fine and then I was sent to talk to a doctor.

There were three doctors sitting in a row so that three students could be questioned at the same time, which also means that it was impossible to talk to the doctor privately. Everybody was supposed to fill in a questionnaire in advance which was then handed to the doctor. She would look it over and if you checked one of the lists diseases, she would ask whether it still causes problems or not. If it does she would advise you to come to the health center another day. It took only a few seconds to talk to the doctor.

At last, you could have your eyes checked if you liked and the “health check” was done.

When I stepped outside the health center I thought that sheep must feel like this when they get pushed through the gates to get sheared. During the procedure you don’t have time to perceive what’s going on and when you’re done you feel somehow naked…

Two months later, the results of the health check were published online. Now I can see what has been checked which isn’t much and there’s no explanation or reference that would allow to interpret the stated facts so I can’t tell if there is something wrong. Additionally, it is stated that a doctor has to confirm the result. Only for hearing it says “normal” but I can’t remember hearing was checked…

What really bothers me are three facts stated: height, weight and BMI. According to the health check I’m five cm smaller and five kg heavier than I always thought to be which raises my BMI by two! Thus, I am metabo!!

I am fighting with my overweight all my life and succeeded in loosing 15 kg a few years ago but last year I gained weight when I wrote my thesis and prepared for final exams. I didn’t expect it to be THIS much though! I was really shocked.

Well, I think I already lost a few pounds since the health check and will lose more over the next months. I’m walking a lot and just entered a gym. On Friday, I went for test training and had much fun talking to the polish trainer who explained how to use the machines to me and enjoyed a HipHop class. Only a few people took part in it so it was easy to follow and was fun, too. I am by far the youngest in the class but that doesn’t bother me.

It’s time to sweat, baby! πŸ™‚

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  1. γ‚ˆγ†γ“ permalink
    July 3, 2011 16:50

    γΎγ γΎγ δΊΊη”Ÿι•·γ„γ—γ€γŠδΊ’γ„γŒγ‚“γ°γ‚γƒΌοΌ

    • franeymoon permalink*
      July 3, 2011 16:59


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