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June 30, 2011

Finally June is over. It was a hectic month that started with training for my new job and continued with regular work, overtime and sometimes classes in between, but there wasn’t much time left to study. The work is much fun though and helped me through some more lows at University.

Since the health nurse agreed to arrange a visit at the health care center in Neyagawa-shi I wrote a study plan to hand over to the health nurses there. It should explain who I am and what I want to do at the health care center. What I wrote had to be changed many times to adjust it to the health nurses opinion. Some points were still difficult to make clear… I myself am still unsure of what I want to research at the health care center because I don’t have enough information to decide what can be researched there. So what I want to do at the moment is just to see how the health nurses work and talk about their experiences in context with the metabo checks, but it seems like this is hard to understand.

After many checks by different people the study plan was finally accepted by everyone and the health nurse arranged a first meeting. It was only intended to introduce myself and answer some questions about my study plan, but we all were pretty optimistic that it will go well and I will be allowed to do some research.

On the day of the visit at Neyagawa-shi, my professor was even more nervous than me. He told me that he had never tried to introduce one of his students into the field. I was surprised about that because many studies in Clinical Philosophy are related to field work but apparently those who conduct field work happen to work in their field anyways… The visit itself wasn’t too bad. The health nurse we talked to seemed quite open to research but the executives who accompanied the meeting were mostly close-lipped. It was hard to tell what they think… It ended with the promise to discuss my wish and let me know about the final decision later.

Two weeks passed without an answer which would certainly mean No, I thought, but in the meantime a friend introduced me to a nurse who teaches at Osaka University. She seemed to be very interested in my research and we had a good chat eating cream puffs and drinking coffee. She told me much about the background of the metabo check and especially about the situation in Neyagawa-shi.

She said that there are many problems in Neyagawa-shi like for example child abuse, teenage mothers, poverty… So metabo is by far not such a big concern for the city but since the metabo law it has to be dealt with. And since penalties are to be paid next year if the metabo rates do not decline, this will be a heavy burden for the city. So the situation is likely to get worse and the metabo law creates a vicious circle…

On the same day my professor told me that he got an answer from Neyagawa-shi and my wish to do research there had been denied. I already expected that so I wasn’t really disappointed. At least the health care center in Neyagawa-shi offered to introduce me to Suita so I might be able to conduct research there. But I will have to revise my study plan again… Great…

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