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Searching for the Field

May 21, 2011

As I wrote last time I need to look into the field for my studies. So I talked to my supervising professor and asked for his help to find a door opener and he introduced me to a health nurse. This health nurse isn’t responsible for the metabo examination, but he thought that she could introduce me to health nurses who are.

When I talked to her and explained to her what I’m researching about, she said that she would try to help me when my research would be more advanced. I told her that I’d like to just talk to some health nurses and watch their work so that I can plan my further proceeding. Maybe I couldn’t communicate my plans good enough; the conversation ended with by exchanging email addresses…

I felt a bit desperate after this meeting and talked to my supervising professor again. He promised that he would ask around some more to find someone who could introduce me to the field.

In the meantime, I also spoke to other people about my plans and a postdoc offered his help as he knows a health nurse too. His offer lifted my spirits although other graduate students who were also working as nurse/midwife objected that it would be difficult to do fieldwork in a medical context. I’m sure it is, but it can’t be impossible. I’ve read enough studies about medical topics which contain fieldwork and were carried out by foreign researchers, so why shouldn’t I be able to do so?

Later on the same day, I got an email from my supervising professor. He had talked to a health nurse who is already retired and told her about me and my plans. She agreed to meet me even offered to show me around where she used to work. So suddenly everything goes on very fast and I need to prepare my questions for coming Tuesday.

Next week will be very busy then. I have to finish my preparation for the speech I’ll give on Friday, meet the health nurse and go on training for my new job from Sunday. I’m really glad I could delay the training for a week but since I’m going to teach German this time working should be easy 🙂

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