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Back to a Student’s Life

May 9, 2011

A lot has happened during the last weeks. I went back to Germany to change my visa from Working Holiday to Student and to spend some time with family and friends before leaving for Japan again. In the meantime, the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku occurred and changed the way my planned journey was perceived. While I usually earned a lot of respect and positive reactions, I had to struggle to explain why I still wanted to go to Japan after the problems at the nuclear plant in Fukushima this time. And while everybody was glad that I was in Germany at that time, I felt bad about it and wished to be at home in Osaka. I wanted to get information about what is going on directly and I wanted to help somehow, although I couldn’t have done more there than in Germany…

Well, March went by like that and finally I went back to Osaka and everything went according to plan. It’s strange how normal everything is here. No after shocks, no problems with electricity or water and University started without delays. And the cherry blossoms were as beautiful as ever.

Now I’m a research student in Clinical Philosophy and try to research overweight in Japan. It felt very strange to pursue this plan since overweight doesn’t seem to be a problem which bothers the Japanese very much at the moment. But taking part in classes and hearing about the research and interests of other students, showed me quickly that life is going on the problems which existed before the 3/11 earthquake did not suddenly cease and need to be explored nevertheless.

So I began my studies and concentrated to build up some theoretical background on Clinical Philosophy, but I soon learned that Clinical Philosophy cannot be studied theoretically, it has to be studied in the field. And that’s where I need to go as soon as possible. I’m sure it will be exciting 🙂

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  1. May 20, 2011 16:39

    I think you chose the wrong country to study the subject…
    You must come to Britain!! Ha ha… 😀

    • franeymoon permalink*
      May 21, 2011 02:40

      Thanks for your comment!
      If it was only about overweight, I guess your right 🙂
      It would be interesting to make a comparative study though.

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