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Working Holiday – The End

February 27, 2011

Yesterday was my last working day in February which means that my Working Holiday is already over. Time is running fast… I’m glad I decided to go on a Working Holiday in the end. After all the uncertainty I felt in the beginning, it was a good experience. I learned how to teach and handle small children, ‘though I’m still far from being a real teacher. After all, it takes some years to become an experienced teacher and so far I’m only an improviseing one. But I hope to be able to continue teaching from April when I’ll start studying again because I think that I can still learn more. And by the way, I had much fun with this job, too 🙂

Not only are the teaching methods at my company fun, but also the people are great to work with. Of course there are exceptions and not every class is fun. Some children are nasty and others just don’t feel like learning English. Every class is a challenge and that’s what I like about it. I had days when I came home and was frustrated about how the classes went, but after a day full of successful classes the feeling is just great. And even on a bad day, my colleagues were always supporting and I could make some really good friends.

There’s for example one of my Japanese colleagues who is married to a German from my hometown so she lived there for 13 years! What a coincidence. We were living not far from each other for many years but we had to go to Japan to meet. I had a similar experience three years ago and it makes me feel again how small the world is. And this is only one example of all the many interesting and inspiring people I met during this short period. Thank you all 🙂

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