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February 21, 2011

Do you know baspra? I heard of baspra some days ago when I was teaching at a shopping center in Yamashina. Some kids were giggling every time a certain song was played in the shopping center. It said “Ba~su basu purapura basu pura~” and me and my Japanese colleague didn’t know what this was supposed to mean at first. It just sounded really funny. When we went out to buy lunch we saw posters which explained the meaning.

Baspra stands for basket price (BASuketto PuRAisu) and is the new catch phrase of Japan’s supermarket chain Seiyu. Seiyu claims that even if you buy a basket full of  groceries you don’t need to be worried of the price, since the price for the 1000 most important articles of Seiyu’s assortment in December 2010 went down by 5% compared to 2008.

Seiyu’s new commercial which was launched on January 23rd introduces the “baspra dance”.

It is a kind of Para Para dance choreographed by Papaya Suzuki. No celebrities are used for the spot. The six dancers found in a casting of around 130 women have professions such as housewife, street dance instructor or actor. They formed the unit “Baspras” and you can see a longer version of their dance here. And in case you suddenly feel an urge to do the Baspra dance too, you can download the song and learn it on the commercial’s website 😉

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Live TV : Ustream
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