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January 27, 2011

Ooops, I didn’t write anything for a while… Somehow there wasn’t much to tell. After the New Year’s hustle, I returned to everyday life: Teaching and being a bit lazy (I even started playing online games *lol*). In fact, the laziness is to a good part due to the cold temperatures. Without heating life is pretty much centered on the bed which is the only warm and cozy place here. Every time I need to get out of bed it’s a little fight with myself… Of course moving the body also helps to get warm, but only for a while. I started running and was proud to be able to run for 30 minutes without a break again, but it took 20 minutes (!!) for my feet to get warm. On the other hand, it’s too small for two people here which results in a really untidy appartement. There just isn’t enough space to place everything neatly.

Both, the cold and the untidiness seem to paralyse me. I noticed that especially after coming back from my boyfriend’s place in Wakayama where it was spacious and warm and it felt really bad to return to this small and cold apartment… Since then I was really really looking forward to move to Osaka. And now we’ll finally move in a few days!! I already started to order some furniture and hope that everything will be delivered smoothly. And of course I hope that moving will go smoothly! We don’t have much to pack since we’re throwing many old things away, but that still has to be done except the heavy sofa which we carried away two weeks ago. (Damn, it was heavy!) And then there’s the cleaning…

At the moment, everything feels stuck because when we pack things, space is getting even less which makes it more untidy and more difficult to move. Ah, I hate moving… But once it’s done everything should be better. More space (moving from a 1R to a 1K apartment) and more warmth (the heater is already ordered as well) 🙂

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