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August Serenade

August 28, 2010

It’s been more than a year since you left for Japan. Since we know each other we’ve never been apart for such a long time. For some months, yes, but not for a whole year… I thought I would get used to parting, but it only got worse. I thought I would get used to being apart, but I miss you more and more. And I still don’t know when we’ll meet again…

Sometimes, you hear a song that fits perfectly to your life, to your current situation or mood. 8月のセレナーデ (August Serenade) by Suga Shikao is such a song for me. I’m listening to this song a lot lately as I tend to do around this time of the year since I first heard this song three years ago. Since then, August became a time of Good Byes. I have to leave people who are very important to me and it is not certain when I will be able to meet them again at the time of departure.

In 2007, I went to Osaka leaving friends behind who would go to other cities. Some would return around the same time as me but others would come back half a year later. In August 2008, I had to leave from Osaka leaving behind new friends who would either stay there or return to different countries. Last August, my boyfriend came to Germany to visit me and he, too, had to leave again. This year, I left Munich for my hometown leaving friends from University behind… So it feels like August is repeating itself year after year. And every year the August Serenade is coming to my mind automatically. Now, is it just a coincidence that I happen to know a song which expresses my emotions in August so well? What would I listen to if I didn’t know this song?


…where’s my song of reunion?

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