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Shanghai Expo 2010 Theme Song a Copy?

April 21, 2010

This month, the official theme song for this year’s Expo which is to be held in Shanghai was released. It was chosen by experts and members of the general public after five years of selecting possible songs, but it seems to cause some irritations. In Japan, it was reported that the song is a copy of Okamoto Mayo‘s hit “Sono mama no kimi de ite” (そのままの君でいて) from 1997:

While the Japanese in this news program say that the Expo song is suspected of being a copy, Okamoto gave permission to use her song according to Mainichi Shimbun. Here, Okamoto states that cooperating in an event like the Shanghai Expo was an honour to her.

However, not everyone in China seems to be happy with the choice. Right after the song was introduced to the public, videos comparing the theme song to Okamoto’s song popped up on Chinese websites (Mainichi Shimbun). Some Chinese expressed their feelings about the theme song in the comments as “embarrassing” and making China “lose its face” as “plagiarism isn’t rare in China”.

Here’s the official theme song’s video:

And here’s Okamoto’s song:

Whether it’s plagiarism or not, the theme song really made me wanna go to Shanghai Expo 🙂 If only I had money…

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