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Life After the Thesis

April 13, 2010

On April the 1st, I handed in my master thesis just in time. I finished the main text one week before and thought I would have enough time to add pictures, translate a few pages and proofread everything, but the last steps took more time than I expected… After a busy day following a night shift, everything was finally turned into a PDF file which I took to a copy shop near my university immediately. There, I met a friend who went to print her thesis on the same day. We had a drink together and the first beer since I don’t remember when tasted really good 🙂

However, it was a quite strange feeling to be done with a work that lasted six months. I felt relieved at the copy shop when I knew that I wouldn’t need to work on my thesis any longer, but at the same time I started thinking whether I should have done more. Two days after handing the thesis to the copy shop, I felt blue and didn’t really know what to do. I needed to restructure my days which had been the same for weeks and the best thing to start that always is to clean and tidy up your apartment 🙂 So did I and it helped, but not being used to my new freedom I started thinking about the thesis again and wondered if I really did the best I could. After all, I think that the thesis turned out how I planned it. I included every aspect on my list which wasn’t always easy, because I had to stick to the maximum number of pages. I’m really glad I could keep my thesis consistent and know I am waiting for the result and start preparing for my oral exams in June. Well, so far, I’m still in the process of deciding the exams’ topics and wait for my profs to answer my mails…

And I took the last days off from any university stuff or learning. I really really needed a break and used it to meet friends I haven’t seen for months and get creative again. I made this bag from pieces of fabric I bought on eBay and an old bag which got ugly. But I loved its zippers, so I used them for my new bag:

It isn’t perfect of course and looks better if it’s stuffed with something, but I’m happy with the result. Love the colours and the size is perfect 🙂

Creating something is the best holiday for my brain as I don’t need to think so much and work with my hands instead, so I feel relaxed now and I hope to write here more often from now on.

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  1. May 10, 2013 08:11

    you are super creative! Hats, bags, thesis… amazing!

    • franeymoon permalink*
      May 10, 2013 09:59

      Haha, thanks. I love to create stuff. Things more than thesis ;p

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