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A Japanese wife

February 12, 2010

Ever wanted to have a Japanese wife? Then you should have a look at this homepage. It’s an info page about metabo (メタボ) which is the Japanese abbreviation for metabolic syndrome. I found this homepage during research for my thesis. As it’s an info page you find info on metabo of course and can check whether you’re a metabo yourself. But what’s really interesting is that you can have a virtual wife there as well.

If you want to get married you can chose between one of the four ladies above.

The first on the left is called moe type or virgin type. Moe (萌え)is Japanese slang literally meaning sprout. It expresses a kind of sprouting affection for someone (usually a game character or other fictional characters) and is also a pun, because moeru (燃える) means to burn in Japanese, referring to one’s burning heart. So this girl is described as using polite language like the girls working in maid cafes and as being pure and cute. Below the picture you find other data like her size, occupation, hobbies and her favorite music and movies. In this case, she actually works as a maid, likes karaoke, anime songs and the movie Koizora.

The second on the left is called S type (the S stands for the sado-part of sadomasochism) or cool type and therefore uses a kind of dominant language like a queen, cold and dismissive language. She analyses stocks, plays golf and likes jazzy black music. Her favorite movie is Basic Instinct.

The second on the right is called soothing or quiet type and uses nice, beautiful language. She is described as the warm type, works as a nurse, likes to bake cakes and listening to ambient or instrumental music. Her favorite movie is Deep Blue.

And finally on the right you find the gyaru or lively type. Gyaru refers to a certain kind of fashion style, which is very girlish, most of the time extremely colourful and fantasy-like. So this girl uses gyaru slang and a lively language and is sporty. She works as a nailist, likes surfing, Japanese rap and the movie Swing Girls.

So which one makes you moe♥? If you’ve decided for a type you can create an account and marry your Japanese wife. After filling in some data about you including your size and weight you just chose a name for your wife et voilà you’re married. From that moment you can meet your wife in your “secret room”. Well, what can you do there? Actually, nothing more than logging in what you’ve eaten that day! You’ll see how many calories you’ve already eaten and based on your personal data the website suggests how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight. So this whole marrying thing is just about losing weight.

Usually, Japanese wives will supervise the nutrition of their husbands. But as more and more Japanese men stay single they don’t have a wife who takes care of what their eating and how much. So this website intends to help these men by providing a virtual wife (but since there’s a “secret room” I guess it’s possible married men use this site as well).

The virtual wife sends emails twice a day. I created an account with the soothing type and she sends me a warm “Good morning, darling!” every morning, asks me how I am and seems to be very happy to be together with me. In the evening, she’ll send a mail suggesting what I should have for dinner. If I logged in what I’ve eaten so far she’ll adjust her suggestion to the amount of calories that is left. If I didn’t log in anything, she’ll suggest something as well but ask me if I was slackening off. And if I don’t log in for days, she’ll ask if I was really eating or if I skipped some meals. But if I ate fewer calories than I could she congratulates me.

I would really like to know how many men actually use this site and have a virtual wife (would be interesting which type is the most preferred, too). And if someone tries one of the other types please let me know about your experience!

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  1. March 20, 2010 07:48

    Interesting post! I need one of these myself (-; I’d probably go with the Moe, though, if she’s “M” enough. lol
    btw, what does “black jazzy music” mean? Or is that just the way the S-girl describes her taste in music?

    • franeymoon permalink
      March 20, 2010 13:31

      You’ll have to ask the S-girl about that kind of music 😉
      It’s just a translation.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. March 24, 2010 08:58

    Awesome post ^^ I think might have to rely on the help of a virtual wife if I don’t get more exercise >_<

  3. May 21, 2013 17:41

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    It will always be helpful to read content from other authors and use a little something from other
    web sites.

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