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Art is an explosion!

February 8, 2010

I’m supposed to write my thesis, but I really don’t feel like working on it today… So I decided to take a time out and write here instead.

Maybe some might wonder about the picture on top af this blog. It’s a piece of a painting by Okamoto Taro (岡本太郎). I love his colourful paintings and fantastic sculptures. Okamoto Taro’s was inspired by Picasso and Japanese pottery from the Jomon period (10.000-300 BC) and these traits can be seen throughout his work. But Okamoto said that one should not just bow in front of a Picasso with the cap in hand. No, you should surpass Picasso!

For Okamoto art is an explosion. He said these famous words in an interview explaining the message of his well-known statue “tower of the sun” which became the symbol of the EXPO 1970. The EXPO was supposed to exhibit human progress and harmony, but Okamoto’s comment says something else:

“I think that the so-called progress and harmony of mankind is in fact the opposite. Mankind made no progress at all. Maybe there has been progress in science, industry and business, but the people have become useless.  They became the machines’ slaves. And harmony is to clash. If opposites clash both expand. Art… Art is an explosion! An explosion is a fight. But this fight, too, is not to spurn chaos. It doesn’t make a sound, nothing is flying into flinders, but the soul is exploding into the universe. The heart is suddenly exploding. Nothing is flying into flinders but the heart is exploding  into the universe. That is art.”

I’m not a 100% sure about some parts of his speech, so if someone understands his words better, please let me know. Here’s the interview:

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